Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need experience to be a volunteer?

The Women’s and Children’s Health Network (WCHN) is interested in harnessing your life/work experience and utilising your skills however there are opportunities to try something new. We make every effort to match you to a role that will suit you and be successful.

How many hours a week do I have to commit to my volunteering role?

We ask that you commit to 4 hours per week to provide continuity of service to the area in which you volunteer.

Do I require a police clearance?

Yes. All WCHN volunteers must complete a DCSI Child-Related Employment screening clearance before they can commence their role. Some roles require you to complete a second DCSI Vulnerable Person-Related screening clearance before you can start.

Can I get a reference from WCHN?

Yes, we are happy to provide you with a reference. However, you need to have volunteered regularly for a minimum period of 3 months for this to be worthwhile.

Can I go on holidays?

Absolutely! As part of the WCHN workforce we recommend you take a break. We do ask that you provide the Volunteer Unit and your workplace supervisor with 2 weeks’ notice. In addition, most areas involving volunteers have a natural break over the Christmas and New Year period.

Do I get trained for my volunteer role?

All volunteers must complete an orientation session of mandatory training before they commence their role. Where applicable some role specific training is provided.

Are there any age restrictions?

Yes. All WCHN volunteers must be 18 years and over.

What if I don’t want to commit long term?

Due to the time involved in clearing, placing and training volunteers, WCHN prefers that volunteers commit to at least 6 months. At present we do not offer short term volunteering and recommend you contact Volunteering SA & NT for other opportunities.

Is there a chance I might gain paid employment in the organisation if I volunteer first?

Volunteer roles do not result in paid employment with the WCHN.