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2018 Safety and Quality Pool

Safety and Quality Pool

We are looking for consumers and caregivers over the age of 16 years to help with short-term projects and quality improvement initiatives.

You will work our staff on time-limited projects, which support excellent care outcomes for babies, children, young people, women, and family members. To be considered for projects, you are invited to register your interest and join the Consumer Database or text Safety and Quality WCHN Pool to 0466 364 694

Child Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS)


Consumers and carers with experience with Child Adolescent Mental Health Services are being asked to express an interest in an interest in a committee/board position to support decision making for CAMHS. Meetings occur every month, during business hours, for 2 hours and reimbursement (sitting fee and transport) is provided. Fathers and male carers are asked to write to the Director Consumer and Community Engagement to express your interest in being part of this committee. To find out more information on the committee please call Lis on 8161 7198.

EOI closes 30 September 2017.

Join the Database

join the database

The Network is looking to fill vacancies on boards and committees. Keep up to date with the latest job vacancies for consumers by joining the consumer database.

Join our Crowd-sourcing Space

Safety Committee

The Network is looking for consumers, family members, volunteers or community members to provide us with online feedback on consumer information. If you can spare 1-2 hours a month, have access to a computer and are passionate about health literacy standards, please ask Allan to securely sign you up to our Basecamp Consumer and Community Engagement site. Email Allan with subject "sign me up to Basecamp".

Consumer or Community Engagement Selection Process

All WCHN committees, panels, working groups and quality improvement activities are supported by an Expression of Interest (EOI) recruitment process.  An EOI is a fair and just way of recruiting for committees, panels, staff selection panels and quality improvements. An EOI is promoted using one or more of the following: WCHN Consumer Memo, Basecamp and on the Women's and Children's Hospital website (under WCH page link iconConsumer Vacancies). When one or more expressions or interest are received, the Director, Consumer and Community Engagement with relevant staff conduct interviews.

An interview is a 20-30-minute conversation about the skills, experiences, competences and attributes you can contribute to the activity or committee. Sometimes references are needed, particularly for committees supported by the WCH page link iconConsumer Governance Structure. Following the interview, all prospective candidates involved are informed of the outcome. This process can take up to three weeks.

For candidates not successful in their preferred activity, a reason is provided. Often it is because there were only one or two positions available with many people expressing an interest. Opportunities for engagement with the WCHN are frequent and plentiful, and the Director, Consumer and Community Engagement will explore other options.

At times, Management has discretion, particularly for some quality improvement activities, to select a consumer or community member based on skills, experiences and need for the Network without going to an expression of interest process. This decision is not made without appropriate consultation with the Director, Consumer and Community Engagement and the Executive Director, Corporate Services. Often it is due to timing and sensitivity of the proposed activity.

Some activities and committee appointments are granted to Consumer Representatives who are sitting members on a WCHN Committee. The appointment is justified as it is an extension of their role description.

Consumer EOI Flowchart

last modified: 23 Nov 2017