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Consumer and Community Engagement

Person and Family Centred Care Passion Projects

With the support of the Friends of the Women's and Children's Hospital Inc. (Friends), the Women's and Children's Health Network (WCHN) provides staff, consumers and community members an incentive to think differently about responding to consumer-reported outcome measures.

The Friends of the Women's and Children's Hospital Incorporated is a not-for-profit association that supports the work of the Women's and Children's Hospital through fundraising and volunteer support. The Friends of the WCH Inc. has been operating since 1993, and we now have around 700 members who come from all regions of South Australia to volunteer their time and resources. Funds raised by The Friends of the WCH Inc. goes towards purchasing equipment, improving facilities, and supporting research at the Women’s and Children’s Hospital.

The Friends of the WCH Inc. is comprised of three divisions, including:

  • Auxiliaries Division
  • Queen Victoria Auxiliary Division
  • Shops Auxiliary Division

A Person and Family Centred Care Passion Project, colloquially known as the "Passion Projects", equips services, wards or units to co-design with consumers and the community quality improvements based on consumer feedback.

A total of $20,000 of funding is provided by the Friends of WCH per year, with four projects provided up to $5000 to breathe life and spirit into person and family centred care.

Passion Projects are unique because they allow consumers and the community to be movers and shapers of projects transitioning from consumers as users and choosers of services. They are about partnership, co-design and service improvement. Passion Projects support the WCHN approach of "Nothing about consumers without consumers".

Previous recipients have included community site upgrades, projects to bring communities together and initiatives to improve the amenity of our services.

If you have a great idea to improve how we deliver Person and Family Centred Care, we encourage you to apply by Wednesday, 30 November 2019.

Download a copy of the Person and Family Centred Care Passion Projects Handbook and Application Form:

PDF iconPerson and Family Centred Care Passion Project – Handbook  (581kb)

PDF iconPerson and Family Centred Care Passion Project – Application Form  (462kb)

2019 Person and Family Centred Care Passion Projects

The winners of the 2019 Passion Projects are:

Women's Assessment Service (WAS) waiting room upgrade/refurbishment

This project will focus on upgrading the current WAS waiting area. In response to overwhelming feedback from consumers and staff about the challenges of this space, the project will create a more welcoming, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing waiting room for women and their families. The project will support the delivery of person and family centred care by improving consumer flow, reducing waiting times, providing better access to written information and enhancing the privacy and confidentiality of consumers who use this service.

Youth Women's Safety and Wellbeing Division (YWSWD) consumer lived experience resource

Each year, YWSWD staff deliver specialised training to more than 6,000 clinicians, consumers and community stakeholders who work in the area of gendered violence and related traumatic experiences. This project will develop a training video featuring the stories of consumers who have accessed the services provided by YWSWD. The video will harness the power of lived experience to deepen understanding and develop the capacity of individuals to effectively respond to survivors of rape and sexual assault, domestic and family violence and developmental trauma.

Child and Family Health Service (CaFHS) Child Development Room welcome project

The CaFHS site at Elizabeth Grove provides a range of services to vulnerable families in the Playford Council area, aimed at improving parental responsiveness and assisting infants and children to reach their developmental milestones. This project will allow parents who access these services to partner with staff in co-designing the outdoor space attached to the Child Development Room. The aim is to create a safe, welcoming and educational space that is culturally sensitive and gives parents and their children a sense of ownership and belonging to their community.

Allied Health and Aboriginal Liaison language interpreted nutrition education video and resources for women newly diagnosed with gestational diabetes

The purpose of this project is to empower women from non-English speaking backgrounds to effectively manage their gestational diabetes through correct nutrition. Data collected by the project team indicates that English-only resources present a significant barrier to the nutrition education of culturally and linguistically diverse women, resulting in poor blood glucose management and a range of complications for mother and baby. This project will enable the current nutrition video and accompanying resources to be translated into the top three foreign languages spoken by women with gestational diabetes across the network. These are Mandarin, Vietnamese and Hindi.

The successful projects will commence in early 2019 and will be completed by July 2019.

2018 Person and Family Centred Care Passion Projects

WCHN Division



Allied Health, Aboriginal Liaison and Women’s and Babies Division

Co-designing a culturally appropriate antenatal physio education session: a collaboration with consumers

Tara Beaumont

Child Adolescent Mental Health Services

My Space, enhancing environments in Helen Mayo House

Kerry Sierp and Vicki Miller

Dialysis and Medical Day Unit. Paediatric Medicine

Virtual Reality Distraction during Minor Procedures

Kathryn Boundy

Youth and Women's Safety and Wellbeing Division

What about us? – Youth Homelessness Project

Annie Catanzariti

2018 Showcase

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