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Animal Research

Please note that the WCHN Animal House closed as of 30 June 2020 and there is no WCHN Animal Ethics Committee (AEC) from that date.

Responsibilities of WCHN Employees undertaking future animal research

Any WCHN employees who intend to undertake research involving animals should contact the WCHN Research Secretariat via Mary Thorne to discuss - mary.thorne@sa.gov.au.

Such employees will need to apply via the Animal Ethics Committee of another institution as listed below:

Link iconUniversity of Adelaide: Research Services – Animal Ethics

Link iconUniversity of South Australia – Animal Ethics

When employees submit an application to either of the above institutions, notification should be provided to mary.thorne@sa.gov.au.

Following approval of the application, the approval letter and approved version of the application should be emailed to mary.thorne@sa.gov.au.

It is a requirement of the WCHN that it is aware of off-site work being undertaken involving the use of animals by its employees for indemnification and ongoing license purposes.

WCHN will continue to maintain a license with the Animal Welfare Office of the Department of Environment and Water.

Researchers/employees need to ensure that at all times, when undertaking research involving the use of animals at another institution, that they abide by the Link iconAustralian code for the care and use of animals for scientific purposes, 8th edition (2013) (The Code) and those relevant requirements of the approving institution.

Contact details

E-mail: mary.thorne@sa.gov.au

Phone: 08 8161 6390

last modified: 03 Sep 2020