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Consumer Engagement

The WCHN will provide all children, adolescents, women and their families with the best possible care that is based on patient-centred principles. To ensure that care is the best, we involve consumers into our workforce and decision-making processes.



Welcome to Consumer and Community Engagement in the Network

The following 50 page guide is your introduction to working as a Consumer Representative and using your expertise through lived experience to shape and make decisions with us. If you are serious about coming on board or just curious about what it involves, this guide will help answer all your questions. Check out page 48 for items that you can check off before coming on board.  If you any questions, you can also contact the Director, Consumer and Community Engagement.

PDF iconConsumer Orientation Booklet (5.7mb)

Public Participation in the Network

All public engagement is coordinated through the Consumer and Community Engagement Unit. The Unit is managed by the Director of Consumer and Community Engagement who holds Australia's first Public Certificate in Health Consumer and Community Engagement issued by the University of South Australia. All engagement begins with knowing why the Network wants to engage with the public and being clear at the beginning how feedback, ideas and suggestions will be used to influence change. Public participation upholds the highest levels of health literacy, adapting communication approaches to meet our target audience. Our approach to decision making occurs when literature, staff experience and experiences from members of our public are equally considered.


Consumer Engagement infographic



PDF iconConsumer Register Membership Application Form (461kb)

PDF iconConsumer Register Information (214kb)

PDF iconConsumer Representative Selection Process (256kb)

PDF iconConsumer Representative Code of Conduct (327kb)

PDF iconConsumer Representative Agreement (236kb)

PDF iconConsumer Representative Confidentiality Agreement (236kb)

WCH page link iconConsumer Complaints

PDF iconYouth Advisory Group - Poster (1.5mb)

PDF iconYouth Advisory Group - Consent Form for Participation (778kb)

PDF iconKids Klub - Poster (696kb)

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