Information for Service Providers

We provide specialised, trauma-informed, women-centred, evidence-based and accessible health care interventions for women who have difficulty accessing the health system.

Our specialist women’s health clinical services aim to reduce the morbidity and mortality associated with women’s gynaecological and reproductive health while identifying and referring women with complex co-morbidities to appropriate health services in order to prevent risk factors developing into chronic conditions.

Short to medium term counselling, mindfulness-based groups and short term case management are provided as part of our emotional health and wellbeing services.

We also provide information and education sessions on health issues.

We seek to work in partnership with other service providers to optimise women’s access to the health system, as well as to ensure they are able to address any underlying social and life issues affecting their health.

To consult or make a referral to Women’s Health Service, please phone 8444 0700.
Client eligibility criteria apply.